Fur hood, fur stripes, hood fur

Fur strips for the hood in nature and colored from genuine Raccoon, silver fox, fox and mink fur
Refur offers high-quality fur strips from Finnraccoon, silver fox and fox fur.
Real fur collar from Raccoon nature. Simply sew on with a few stitches or attach to the hood with safety pins. The wow effect! A fur for all occasions.
The light brown Finnraccon fur can be optimally combined with any other colour, no matter if black, grey or NATO olive! Handmade in Germany! Free shipping! Exchange right!
Fur hood Raccoon fur stripes to sew on real fur nature 65 cm
Real fur collar from Raccoon nature.
Fur stripes to sew on the hood.
Length: ca 65 cm Optical width: ca 18cm
instead 119,00 EUR
only 69,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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