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Not only for the Highsociety, fur jackets or jackets with fur collar. The real fur collar has turned into a wonderful accessory that gives every jacket that certain something special. It is completely indifferent whether it concerns jackets with fur collar used for fur or real fur from farm animal skins. Apart from the fact that fur jackets flatter every woman, they also serve the purpose of keeping the person who has chosen fur jackets warm. With a fur collar, even older winter jackets can be spiced up so that they belong to a new trend.
However, the fur collar is not only suitable for sewing on winter jackets, but when it is casually waved around the neck, it instantly spreads a feeling of warmth and comfort to the wearer. Even a relatively simple cardigan can in no time at all become a noble garment that attracts attention at every party. But not only jackets with fur collar are very popular, but also the coat with fur collar. For a long time, the fur collar was associated with noble and respected people, but thanks to nerzherz. de now also for women who do not belong to the high society.
Raccoon Premium fur collar blue red
Raccoon fur collar in Pop - Art
Each coat loop is unique in color and shape
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