Fur pompons, Fur balls

Pompon, Bommel, Pelzbommel, Mützen
Fur pompons for the knitted hat are hip and allows you to design your individual style. Conjure your personal designer piece out of your self knitted hat!  Each cap becomes unique by a fur pompon. Fur pompon in different colours and sizes! We only process selected skins in premium quality with proof of origin. The fur bobble, trend - winter fur accessories.
No sewing on! Simply thread the attached ribbons with the ends through the knitted stitches from the outside and tie them from the inside with a bow.  Ready!
The fur pompon can be removed for washing or attached to another cap. Fur pompon by Refur, modern and sustainable, handmade in Germany by the furrier.
No shipping costs, no prepayment, no risk.
Fur Pompons are a natural product, each fur pompon is different and therefore unique.
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